Inspired to inspire.

To enjoy a successful career in hairdressing, I believe three things to be paramount.

  • Passion for the Industry
  • Education for skills
  • Confidence

However, sometimes we get lost along the way and lose track of those reasons why we started and that's why I now spend my working life sharing my experience with those who want to gain confidence, learn and build that passion.

The passion inside us

From as far back as I can remember Iʼve been hairdresser! As a Saturday junior I would attend night classes to learn alongside the full time juniors, and that determination to learn more is as strong today as it was back then.

Last year I launched HRH Education to provide inspirational education and grow the passion for hairdressing providing on location courses in Glasgow as well as in salon training throughout Scotland.

Iʼve been completely overwhelmed by the response and continue to love sharing my skills and my passion for our craft.

For stylists attending courses, passion was never a question and the desire to learn more had many stylists returning for multiple courses. But as stylists became more honest and open with me, the subject of needing more confidence, and wishing they had some, kept appearing!

We can be highly passionate and attend education and further our skills, although if we do not have the confidence, we often find ourselves holding back and resorting to what we always do. The same colour choices, the same cuts, the same styles, as itʼs safe there.

We need the confidence to approach our clients with new ideas. The confidence to use new techniques. The confidence to take those techniques further, and probably the most important one of all...the confidence to know our worth and charge correctly for our services and expertise.

Without confidence our skills diminish and our passion fades due to boredom.

Making a change

Since early last year Iʼve been mentored by Ali Campbell, renowned celebrity life coach and world wide author, and I am now certified in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Along with increasing my skills I've been working to develop The Salon Confidence Club in order to use my life coaching techniques, combined with my experience to help hairdressers get out of their own way, minimise client and salon anxiety, and be the best version of themselves.

The first Salon Confidence Club seminar will be held in Glasgow Sunday 2nd September. If you fancy coming aling and findinging out how you can be the badass hair stylist you always wanted to be then book a ticket now.

Check out the website for all my training courses and for more details.